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Hi, just wondering from something you said in a past question/answer post but why do Japanese guys like White women so much, compared to others including their own women? Not saying anything is wrong with liking White women, but any obsession can be too much to the point of being scary.



It’s very complicated.

First, Japanese men like white women in the sexual sense. When it comes to dating and real relationships, the majority of Japanese men prefer Japanese women.

There are also a lot of Japanese men who find Japanese women to be the most attractive, more so I’d say than men who find white women to be the most attractive.

If you want to get into why white women are so popular, however, you’d have to look at race relations all over the world. White is advertised EVERYWHERE. No one says it directly, but ads for fashion, makeup, run way models all scream “White is beautiful.” Even ads featuring people of color lighten their skin tone with Photoshop and try to make them look as “white” as possible.

Obviously this is racist and disgusting, but that’s still the world we live in, unfortunately.

For POC in white majority countries it’s doesn’t seem to be this way (for reasons that aren’t exactly relevant to this post), but in Japan it seems to have turned into more of a fetish. Having slept with a white women is status. Having a white woman follow you around is status. Having been able to “catch” a white woman is status.

Which also brings me to another point, although it doesn’t pertain specifically to white women. Foreigners in general as seen as strong. Strong willed, independent, hard to “contain” so to speal when compared to the idealistic mild-mannered Japanese woman. So Japanese men with complexes see having “tamed” (slept with, dated, etc.) a white women to be a symbol of their own power.

This is also why foreign women in general are more targeted when it comes to sexual harassment and rape in Japan. We are seen as pretty dolls, to be used for dressing up or sex, not humans.

I agree with a good portion of this, and I think it might shed some light for all those people on my own blog asking me similar questions.

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